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Name of the data manager

Name of the data controller: AGROCROP Kft.

Data management company registration number: 08-09-003144

Head of data management: 3508 Miskolc, Csemetekert u. 10th

E-mail address of the data manager:

Data controller representative: Árpád Szakács (managing director)


Privacy Policy

The timing of this Privacy Policy is from 1 April 2018 until revocation.


Based on the Data Protection and Privacy Policy of AGROCROP Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “the Company”), you will not handle personal data in connection with this interface. The material scope of the policy covers all processes conducted by the Company through which Infotv. 3. The personal data specified in Section 3 (2) shall be handled.

There is no online comment on the website, it is intended solely to present the Company’s business activities.

On-site data collection (cookies / cookies, Google Analytics, etc.) is not realized or registration is not made on the website.

Visitors can contact the company via the phone number or email address on the website.

The conceptual framework of this policy is the same as in Infotv. As defined in Section 3 of the Interpretative Explanatory Notes.

It is only for the purpose of exercising the right or the obligation to handle personal data. The use of personal data handled by the Company for private use is prohibited. Data management must at all times comply with the purpose limitation principle.

The Company manages personal data only for a specific purpose, for the exercise of the right and for the fulfillment of the obligation, to the minimum and duration necessary to attain it. At all stages of the data management, the purpose is correct – and, if the purpose of the data management is discontinued or the data is otherwise unauthorized, the data will be deleted.

The Company shall only disclose personal data on the basis of the prior consent of the person concerned or by law or statutory authorization. Prior to entering the data, the Company shall inform the data subject of the purpose of the data management as well as the legal basis for the data handling.

Employees who manage data at the Company and employees of the Company acting on behalf of the Company are responsible for keeping the personal information they have access to as business secrets. Persons handling personal data and having access to them must make a Privacy Statement.

If a person within the scope of the policy becomes aware of the fact that the personal data handled by the Company is defective, incomplete or timely, he or she must initiate the correction or rectification of the person responsible for recording the data.

Data protection obligations imposed on natural or legal persons or non-legal entities performing data processing on behalf of the Company shall be enforced in the contract of sale with the data processor.

The Company’s current manager defines the organization of data protection, data protection and related activities as well as the person supervising data management, taking into account the specificities of the Company.

The employees of the Company during their work ensure that unauthorized persons can not access personal data and that the personal data is stored and disposed of so that the unauthorized person can not be accessed, identified, changed or destroyed.

The data protection system of the Company is supervised by the internal data protection officer.

Enforcement of the rights of the data subjects: You may request the information concerned to handle your personal data and may request the rectification of your personal data or the deletion of the personal details of the Company, with the exception of statutory data handling.

The Company is obliged to transfer the received application or protest within three days from the receipt of the data to the responsible and competent director of the data management.

The manager with the task and competence in response to the handling of the personal data concerned shall respond in writing, in a clear form, within 5 days of the receipt of the right to protest at the latest 15 days after his / her arrival.

The information is provided by Infotv. (1) of Section 15, if the information of the person concerned can not be denied by law.

The information is, in principle, free of charge, reimbursement of expenses only to Infotv. In the case specified in Article 15 (5).

The Company requests only the Infotv. 9 (1) or 19 of this Decree, for reasons other than those referred to in the Infotv. The information specified in Article 16 (2) shall be made in writing.

The controller who manages the data, if the necessary data and supporting documents are available, corrects the data that is not realistic,

according to Infotv. If the reasons set forth in Article 17 (2) exist, it shall take steps to delete the treated personal data.

For the duration of the assessment of the protest against the treatment of the personal data concerned – but not more than 5 days

the data controller is suspended by the data controller, examines the merits of the protest and makes a decision about which the applicant is informed by Infotv. As provided for in Section 21 (2).

If the protest is justified, the manager managing the data is Infotv. (3) of Section 21.

If, in the exercise of the rights of the person concerned, the case is unclear, the manager managing the data may request a statement from the internal data protection officer who will do so within three days by sending the case file and the position on the case.

The Company also reimburses any damages caused to others by the unlawful handling of the data concerned or violating the requirements of data security or the personal injury breach caused by the data processor or by the data processor used by it. The Data Controller is exempt from liability for damages and damages if it proves that the damage or damage to the personality of the person concerned is caused by an unavoidable cause outside the scope of the data processing. Likewise, it does not compensate for damages if it is due to the intentional or gross negligence of the injured party.

The person concerned may apply to the NAIH with a complaint concerning the data handling procedure of the Company:

name: National Privacy and Freedom Authority

head office: 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 9-11.

mail address: 1363 Budapest, Pf.: 9.

phone number: 06 1 391 1400

fax number: 06 1 391 1410

email address:


In matters not covered by this Prospectus, Infotv. and the Company’s Privacy and Data Security Rules